Coffee is about as important to me as my running shoes when it comes to running at my best. There is just no arguing about the performance benefits of coffee from heightened awareness to increased endurance. I am proud to represent a company like Ethical Bean that lives up to its name completely. All their coffee is fair trade and highly supportive of smaller growers throughout the areas they source their beans from.  They do what they can do lower their carbon footprint and most importantly they roast up some wicked beans!

No introduction is really needed for this legendary mountain company. I’ve had the pleasure of wearing La Sportiva for that past year and have nothing but good to say. The shoes are made of high quality, long lasting materials that perform as well as they look! They have a shoe model for practically every distance, gradient, and surface you could ever imagine running on. Additionally they make fantastic clothing that works in a variety of conditions.

ec3d noir

EC3D provides me with the compression wear I need to recover quickly and keep my muscles feeling strong.  They make a wide range of compression products for during and after activity, as well as separate collections for different sports. Be sure to check them out and experience the benefits of qua lity compression wear yourself.


Bremners juice uses none but the highest tier fruit to create all of their amazing juices. I love to supplement my diet with their juice on a daily basis. Bremner Foods uses a juicing process that does not compromise on taste. They use only fresh grade quality berries, the same as the ones you would eat. Most juice producers use “juice grade”. They are a local Vancouver company and I am proud to support them!

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